by Qin Tang

Do you know that the two words, listen and silent, use the exact same letters?

I didn’t know it until today, and thought it’s either a clever design or an interesting coincidence.

Isn’t it true, in order to listen, we have to be silent?

When we listen to someone, often times we are not actually listening. Our mind is miles away, thinking about something else, or thinking about a response. We don’t pay close attention to what’s said. It shows in our body language – we are absent minded and restless, we don’t make eye contact, etc.

An important part of effective communication is good listening skills – attentive and active listening.  Attentive and active listening requires that we give our full, undivided attention to the other person and quiet down our mind.

Be silent and listen attentively. If we can practice both at the same time, we will be better listener and communicator.

We live in a world filled with physical and mental noise that never eases, from the moment of waking up in the morning to the moment of falling asleep at night.

I remember one day while I was in the office, the power went off suddenly. I couldn’t believe how quiet and nice it felt without the background noise. I was so used to the background noise coming from the ventilation system, the clock, the computer and other electronic devices, I didn’t even notice the noise that surrounded me until it was gone all of a sudden.

In addition to the physical noise, we are also in a constant state of mental noise. Mental noise is the inner conversation or inner monologue that constantly goes on in our mind. The constant chatter of the mind never stops. The mind often repeats the same thought, usually a negative thought, over and over again. The mental noise steals our inner peace and joy.

How do we shut down the mental noise and calm and quiet your mind?

Be silent. Breathe consciously. Meditate. Go within.

In silence, we can listen and hear our inner voice, God’s voice and discover our true self.

Be silent and listen.

source On My Mind