by Harlon Rivers

The quieter he became …
the more he could feel
only a single lit candle
moved the stillness ,
gripping the void between
lucency and obscure darkness

longing eyes slipped slowly closed
as the flicker faded ,
inner quietude dimming all light
the darker it got …
the more vividly he could see

a nearly silent exhaled sigh
let the memories flood ;
leaning into the bereft
where there once was light ,
he became a timeless silence
without form
only shaped by retracing
re-remembered words

yearning to understand
some of the greater things life unfolds
experiencing the unknown
without fear ,
for to clinch and feel
that which seems indefinable

for here ,
in this formless
manifest dimension ,
all layers of essence
are peeled back
to the bared aurora
of a soul’s spirit light ;

at the core of inner stillness
nothing is impossible

source Hello Poetry