by Bhau Kalchuri

The state of God in the Beyond-Beyond is of Eternal Silence. This Eternal Silence never breaks. God in the Beyond-Beyond state is eternally silent.

In the Beyond State of God there is Eternal Silence and there is Eternal Sound. The Eternal Silence was broken when creation began. It was broken when that Original thought “Who Am I?” came into existence in the form of the original word which gave the answer to that original thought. That answer was God’s conscious state achieved in the Beyond: “I Am God. I Alone Exist.” Creation is the original breaking of God’s Eternal Silence which gave birth to infinite sounds. These infinite sounds end in an Infinite Sound, which merges with Eternal Silence and becomes an Infinite Soundless Sound — the Sound of Eternal Silence.

Silence is God’s eternal state. Infinite sounds bring about the state of creation. Infinite Soundless Sound is the state of Conscious God. The apparent silence of the Avatar, which Meher Baba maintained, was for the sake of his universal work. When the result of that work is manifesting, his silence is broken. The Avatar’s silence contains the sounds of the universe within his universal being to harmonize all sounds into one sound. At the time of his total manifestation, the harmony of all sounds into one will signal the breaking of his silence, because that one harmony, the sound of his Word, will have become apparent.

The Avatar completes his work before he drops his body. The completion of his work signifies that all sounds have been harmonized into one, and when that one sound manifests as his Word, it is the breaking of his silence. Meher Baba has been breaking his apparent silence gradually since he dropped the body, and as a result of this, different people from all over the world are coming into his contact. This signifies that the different sounds of those beings are being harmonized in him — in his one sound, his Word. When this harmony becomes apparent to these human beings, they recognize that he is breaking his silence by harmonizing all sounds in his Word. The ultimate meaning of the speaking of his Word is the turning of separative human consciousness toward universal oneness and harmony.


source Avatar Meher Baba