by Arup Mitra
Simplicity brings one closer to the truth. But lack of simplicity introduces deviations because the biases of a complicated mind are too many, blocking progress towards truth. Simplicity enables one to acquire knowledge easily; but depth of understanding and realisation is required. Otherwise, the knowledge remains superfluous.
We often look at phenomena with a preconceived view or add imaginative components instead of observing them as they are. Such distortions influence our next thought process, taking us away from reality. Also, we tend to add something to our observations to make it sound more interesting.
Ultimate knowledge is so simple; it is there everywhere. But it has been made so complex unnecessarily. In order to retain this natural simplicity in us, we need to avoid absorbing unnecessary details revolving around us. We need to observe silence in order to enhance depth. Too many words only create confusion and produce vibrations that disturb both the speaker and the listener.
Solitude, quietness and introspection enhance our depth and take us away from complexity towards simplicity. On a daily basis, one can start practising by moving away to a corner, keeping silence. Slowly, the duration can be stretched and a time will come when eternal silence will start echoing in the midst of thundering sounds all around. That is when one has acquired the ability to cut oneself off from all distractions. The understanding that then develops comes from the depth of one’s existence.
source Speaking Tree