by Cheryl Tutaan

Why there are some people who could hear you a thousand words and still not understand you? …
A big question that blows my mind.
How can you think without thinking?
Feeling without feeling,
Can you just imagine that?
A happy heart, intertwined with your sad soul.
A weird feel…
Loving of being alone sometimes,
But couldn’t embrace the solitude;
I love my music so loud,
That I can’t barely hear my thoughts;
I lied, I couldn’t stop myself clicking the pad.
Being alone on a space boot,
It’s not the temporary paralysis;
It’s more on the numbness of the heart,
You almost can’t feel the blood pumping the vessels.
It could stuck somewhere else out of your body.
That strange feeling, spaced-out, maybe even the mania, does understand…
Almost drowned with the nightmares
with your demons,
You can’t even wake up;
They know how to swim…
They’re not even sure how you will escape;
They could follow you from behind…
Losing myself on a cold, damp night,
I’m tired, please leave me alone…
I want to find my serene solitude…


source Poem Hunter