by Bec and Steve

Peace that surpasses all understanding. Sounds like a laudable goal, doesn’t it? But as long as this Peace is treated as a goal to be attained by a someone, as a person identified with this mind and this body, we will not recognize it.

Peace that surpasses all understanding does not come from a peaceful mind, but rather, it is a direct experience of true Self.

Mind is simply thoughts that propel us through life, and while some thoughts may convey a greater sense of peace and other thoughts invoke a sense of anxiety, neither thoughts nor feelings have anything to do with Peace that surpasses all understanding. 

If we look for this Peace in our mind, emotions, and beliefs, we remain identified as seekers believing we are looking for something separate from what we are at this very moment. Returning to Saint Francis, “What we are looking for is what is looking,” and from where this apparent looking seems to arise is this Peace that surpasses all understanding.

Peace that surpasses all understanding is a pointer invoking the fragrance of Isness. Peace that surpasses all understanding is Peace as our eternal essence prior to and beyond mind and identification as a person.

It is an identified mind that asks, If we are already this Peace, why is it not felt? The answer, again, is simple. This Peace is not a product of the mind. This Peace has always been present, is currently present, and is eternally present forever and ever.

We are encouraged to stop trying to find Truth, this Peace, as something separate from what we always and already are. Simply notice awareness prior to and beyond mind, thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and understandings. Peace that surpasses all understanding is one of our earliest expressions as what we are—what moves us through Life.

source Mauna Sangha picture Pixabay