Sacred listening means to listen not just with your ears but with your heart.

“Listening means that we have stabilized our minds so completely that the person who is speaking can actually hear themselves through our stillness. It is a quality of radiant listening, of luminous listening, of vibrant listening, but it is very still. It is listening with attention, with openheartedness, without prejudice. The quality of attention that we are invited to bring is as if the person who is speaking will not live another day, as if they were saying their last words. We listen with our whole being.” Joan Halifax

“I have been amazed again and again by how, if you just let people talk, giving them your complete and compassionate attention, they will say things of a surprising spiritual depth, even when they think they don’t have any spiritual beliefs. Everyone has their own life wisdom, and when you let a person talk you allow this life wisdom to emerge. I have often been very moved by how you can help people to help themselves¬†by helping them to discover their own truth, a truth whose richness, sweetness, and profundity they may never have suspected. The source of healing and awareness are deep within each of us, and your task is never under any circumstances to impose your beliefs but to enable them to find these within themselves.” Sogyal Rinpoche


source Preparing to Die by Andrew Holecek pg 95-96