A silent retreat is all about receiving peace and quiet. Silence is our opportunity to receive the beauty in nature, meditation, the present moment, our hearts, the simplicity of just being and to touch the sacred inside of us.

These are precious days free from our daily story and all that we are doing. In the quiet we open to the peace that is in our hearts. Silence allows everyone the opportunity to stay with their own thoughts, their inner experience.

The quiet helps everyone find this inner place of love and beauty that is always present but mostly covered up by busy-ness. The gift of silence is having nothing to do, nothing to say, having time to enjoy solitude, gentleness, a quiet mind.

​When we are not busy talking, our mind takes a rest. Our heart becomes more available. The silence outside helps us to find the still place inside. This is our silent retreat, the vast quietude of the heart. A few days of simple peace and we feel new again, more in touch with our essence. The silence is the doorway into our own spirituality, truth and wisdom.
The healing effects of silence

Silence is therapeutic on all levels and at the same time it is a doorway to inner peace. Silence is the medicine that balances a stressful life. It becomes the inner resource of gentleness, love & grace that creates a bridge from the heart into the world.

Below are some of the therapeutic aspects of spending time in silence:


Calms the nervous system
Floods the cells with healthy, naturally occurring, brain chemicals that build immunity
Promotes healthy sleep
Reduces blood pressure
Reduces heart rate


Softens the attitude
Restores appreciation
Creates mental clarity
​Contentment arises
Opens creativity


Clears heavy emotions
Dissolves fear
Heals stress
Compassion is naturally present
Builds better relationships
Builds emotional stability


Experience of oneness
Gain higher perspective on life
Life choices come into alignment with your heart
Expansive feeling of freedom
Connection to the Divine
Inner Wisdom is readily available

source Silent Stay