by Victor Buhagiar

It snowed lightly last night.
I venture into the woods,
hear the silence reigning supreme.
Mutely a light breeze weaves its way
amongst the moss covered trunks,
the high branches swinging serenely,
the verdant leaves of evergreen trees.

Occasionally a snowflake flutters down
onto the white path that winds its way
across the solitary forest.
I feel the peace in silence
despite the cold that grips
my arthritic old bones.
A few tears of happiness blur my sight.
The mist lifts like a silken veil,
all around shines in utter splendor:
a masterpiece of an ethereal painting
of some great master of olden times.

I feel your presence everywhere, O Lord,
I am exhilarated as a bird on the wing,
elated and consoled in utter harmony
with nature’s song of praise,
a heavenly sigh to its Creator.


source Poetry Soup