Benefits of self imposed silence:

You get to appreciate the good things more and notice them fully aware:

The small gestures your significant other has changed along the years for you are obvious now, when your own silence can’t make you notice out loud that it’s not quite perfect. You realize it’s more important that the gesture is there, than that it’s not the way ‘it should be.’

You get to notice the bad things in a new light:

When harsh words come your way you will start to notice how they affect you and what sensitive chord they strike. Once you realize your part in the everyday problems and the fine tuning that make you work, you will be prepared to talk frankly about them.

You avoid a period of unnecessary fighting:

Because you are going through a stressing stage unnecessary conflict arises more often and a lot easier. This way, both of you will be saner after the golden silence has passed.

You get back to yourself:

Being in a relationship and sharing everything makes you lose yourself sometimes. I personally don’t remember what I like or what I want because my significant other’s needs are just as important as mine. The noble silence breaks that continuum, without affecting the connection we have gained in time.

You just remember you don’t really like staying in but you haven’t gone out in a while because you wanted to spend more time together, for example. And it adds up frustration without even realizing it. You will want to do the things you liked to do and he/she will rediscover you again.

You remember empathy:

I believe everyone can be emphatic if you listen and observe enough. Sometimes, talking gets in the way of empathy and understanding. Let’s say you get some unnecessary criticism and feel offended. Normally you might react, but the noble silence gives you time. And 5 minutes later, or a day later you discover that the words were said out of stress or lack of time and you understand better, they don’t hurt anymore. Next time you won’t react so quickly and it will be better for both.

You return refreshed:

This is the main reason for choosing to keep the noble silence. After observing yourself and others, the way you interact changes a little. Enough to make everyone’s day better.


source Lotus Pocus Focus