Change your thoughts. Change your life. Change the world. Meditation is the key. Your infinite power lies dormant within your deep mind. Meditation is the key. 

Your self-confidence has been hit hard by a recent ex, who claims the deterioration of the relationship was your fault…and only your fault. You feel like the black sheep in your family, as your personality differences make you shunned by your family members, instead of celebrated.

And, you can’t seem to get your body as thin and toned as you’d like it to be, due to a tendency to put yourself down, instead of pulling yourself up every time you fall.

Meditation and Emotions—the Perfect Partnership

In a heartbeat, your emotions can cause you to doubt yourself, create ‘emotional roadblocks’ that will prevent you positive situations, people and circumstances from happening; and worst of all, fear the unknown. Answer the following question: “Do you hold onto negative emotions, or let them go?” The truth is, whatever emotions you may be struggling with, you have the power to change. We’re all changing all the time anyways, aren’t we?

We can’t avoid it. Our bodies change. Our minds change. Our career path changes, and if we don’t change with it, we fall behind in happiness, joy, contentment, and satisfaction. If you’re a resistor to change (admit it, we won’t tell!) there’s a guarantee plan that will allow you to accept, release and kick those negative emotions to the curb. Here’s how: meditation (it works every time).

An expensive therapist isn’t the only solution to dealing with your emotions. When your mind can’t stop worrying, obsessing, stressing, doubting or contemplating the events of your love life, work life, or ideal life-in-waiting, try a free (and just as effective) method to cope – meditation! Fearing emotions is a normal process for many of us. We run away from feeling lonely, or rejected by keeping ourselves busy with negative ‘mind chatter’ – “How could that have happened to me? How could he have done that?” We blame ourselves, or spend energy blaming others. And, as a result of mind chatter, we fear instead of love ourselves; run away with distraction, instead of staying quiet and present with our true self.

Eliminating Fear – Meditation for a Total Life Transformation

Meditation and emotions together, are a powerful combination. When you meditate, you close the door to fear, and become immersed in love. Imagine experiencing self-love at the blink of an eye, and being able to tap into unconditional love and acceptance of others and the opportunity to experience the depths of a conscious mindset.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to stop wasting all of your emotional energy blaming others or yourself for what’s happened to you? What if you were given the opportunity to live your life without blaming anyone else for your current life situation, or without being angry about what you’re lacking in life That’s a lot of newly free time that could be spend living a happy life – which is just what you’ve been looking for.

Lacking Prosperity? Not After Meditation

Spend a few minutes every day in silence, and as a result, your emotions will shift. You won’t feel run over and run down by your emotions, but on a united front with them. Meditation allows you to reach new consciousness states, and when that happens, your emotions slow down, and become small (as opposed to overpowering).

As you engage in daily meditation, you don’t feel that ‘out of control’ feeling you used to always complain about, and you have more energy than ever before to do the things you love to do. In a nutshell, meditation gives you the rare opportunity to connect with your authentic self – the part of yourself that is free of fear, but lives a prosperous life that doesn’t lack a thing.

source EOC Institute picture Pixabay