by Suren Sun

Whenever we look at each other
There is pretty silence between us
If by any chance you try to hear that
It voices how much you mean for me

Silence embrace me to feel the epoch
When I prompt you with a shyful approach
Your smile appears to me much blithe
I like the affinity in you to be that way

Among us silence demands no ration
A lean sigh fills my heart with passion
I look for you every minute around
When a glazed grin pass my bound

I really wonder how good Silence is?
Every time it reminds me about you
The feel of such a thing is really good
And can never make me out of mood

I want to be silent when I am with you
It reveals to me a true color of love
Your senses touch me like a feather
And how much we are to each other

Silence takes us to a pleasant mood
Where the delight in both of us boom
Words will never touch that height
Your trendy pace never loose my sight

I wish the way you are very silent
My smile rollout for every event
Looking at your ravishing mien
My eyes never look other thing

Beauty of silence will never froze
As long as I have you in my heart
When we try to interpret the core
Desires in us reveal much more

The silence in your presence
Brings me an alien fragrance
The sensuous in the serenity
Let you know what I want to be

Never ever think when I am silent
That I have nothing to you so bright
Try to conceive how much I grieve
When you are not there to perceive

source Poem Hunter