by Betty Janko

She listened to the silence of her soul
that dwelled within.
Choices made twixt good and evil thus
the challenge would begin.
There could be no easy pathway as she
travelled on her way.
The eternal pulse of nature as it turns
night into day.

While the mighty forms of nature are
filled with conflict and pain.
There are always storms and thunder before
comes the gentle rain.
As the tiny bees and flowers are destined
to live and die.
On her path, she should not linger
only stop to question why.

As moments build together on her
way to eternity.
She should never be contented, with no
purpose, to just be.
Life was meant to motivate the heart with
both the good and bad.
Behind the black clouds they’ll be sunshine
and clear skies to be had.

She knows all these things give meaning
and will help her on her way.
As her private nature takes her from
her long night into day.
Silence builds between the spaces of the
trials within the soul.
Always listen to the peace it brings
and let that be your goal.

source Poetry Soup